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New Images Not Yet Molded....
for  SPs, Stage, Film, TV

   .                  Expect small differences in coloration as each prosthetic is individually hand made.
- One mold can be used for a variety of different prosthetics
when the shapes and textures are similar and only the color is changed.

FROM STOCK MOLDS are hand-colored 
to look like the REAL conditions & diseases photographed on patients 

Ordering & Using Prosthetics / Moulages:

Prosthetics are created from  stock molds or from new sculptures 
match your or our photographs
of real conditions or diseases

                                   1. Choose the prosthetic that most closely matches the shape of the prosthetic you want to use. 
                                   2. The silicone can be ordered in one basic color or can be hand-colored to match your photo.
                                   3. White scale, flaking or peeling skin, "fresh blood", hair, "pus" and other effects can be added
                                        to match the details
in a photo - or for a specific order.
                                   4. Makeup can be used with prosthetics to add details and to blend onto "patient" 's skin.

                                                                 Call to discuss the specific details of your project. 
                                                       We work closely with you to create the prosthetics you need,  
                                           using stock molds or new molds custom created from your photographs.

                                                              Goldie Zwiebel   (917) 862-2969 


                                           Sample Photographs of conditions
                                    that have not yet been created as Prosthetics.

                            R-1 Leprosy Perforans Ulcers  R-2 Leukemia    R-3 Lichen Planus   R-4 Lichen Simplex         R-5 Diabetic Ulcers         
                               Peripheral Anesthesia               Lymphocytic                                        Chronicus                                                         
                                Lepromatous Leprosy  
                                  7 Herpes                       R-8
Hives                          R-9 Hookworm Larvae                       R-10 Annular Pustular Eruption    
                                                                                                                  Creeping Eruption                            Oral Potassium Iodide
                                                       R-11 Diabetic Necrobiosis    R-12 Melanoma         R-6 Basal Cell
                                                      Lipoidica Diabeticorum         Acral Lentiginous          Carcinoma
                                                      Late Lesion Atrophy

Bowen's Disease          R-14 Syphilis       R-15 AIDS Abcess, Pus                R-15 Impetigo                  
                                               Pigmented Groin                                                                                                Staphylococcal Impetigo, Pus

                                            R-16 Kaposi's Sarcoma        R-17 Candidiasis Cutaneous

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